Manjaro-KDE ISO ships with faulty grub-btrfs

The problem from this thread remains:

I used manjaro-kde-21.2.4-220301-linux515.iso to set up a new system with manual partitioning (ext4) and grub-mkconfig seems to be choking on ## BEGIN /etc/grub.d/41_snapshots-btrfs ###

Removing grub-btrfs fixes the issue.

The script should either be fault-tolerant or the package should be removed on installation on ext4.


Thank you for reporting. The script should be and has been fault tolerant, I’ll try to investigate what is up.

Let me know, if you need a more detailed info regarding my setup. I am using a detached /boot on another drive.

This problem has been solved with version 4.10.2 of the grub-btrfs package (Oct.2021).
The latest version of grub-btrfs is 4.11 (Nov.2021)

Make sure you always use the latest stable version.

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I thought the version number of the iso image was enough of a hint.

Very well, then…

[2022-03-26T19:28:11+0100] [ALPM] removed grub-btrfs (4.11-2)