Manjaro KDE Installer cannot list 128GB USB Flash Drive

Hi there!

I use same iso file of Manjaro KDE installation for installing Manjaro on my old SanDisk 64Gb 3.0 Usb flash drive and installation done without problem. Now I bought new Samsung Plus Duo 128Gb drive and it is not listed during Manjaro installation when I should choose disk where to install the distro. With Manjaro KDE Partition Manager, I make my usb flash to be a gpt, and formatted it to different file formats. Nevertheless, Manjaro Installator cannot list my flash drive.

Please, help me :slight_smile:

Calamares installer do not install to removable devices.

So, how I can install on my old one drive?

Manually e.g.

No, I can see my old flash drive listed where ssd is. Do you need a proof? :slight_smile:

But thank you for link to manually install. I will see it.

Depending on the USB device it announce itself as removable or non removable and I am pretty sure the Calamares installer is coded so it prevents the user from accidentally using the USB boot device as target for the installation.

Do we no longer have a Persistent USB version anymore?

I remember this: