Manjaro KDE desktop icons keep changing position on boot. (why is this still an issue after 2 years)

what the title suggests this has been an issue for as long as I have been on Manjaro KDE , I put the desktop icons where I want them and lock them in place, but when the computer starts up again I find all my desktop Icons are placed in the wrong position this has been going on for a good few I like to say years now, is this a Manjaro issue or a KDE issue, why does this happen and why hasnt this been fixed, its very frustrating to reorganize my icons.

Please read this:

Especially the section What’s this Upstream / Downstream business? and then file a bug upstream…


This doesn’t happen to me anymore, and I don’t even use the ‘lock icons’ thing.

Maybe try to see if the issue occurs on a new user too, maybe something is odd in KDE config files somewhere.

My settings when right clicking the desktop, and going to icons and then

  • Sorted by: unsorted / nothing ticked
  • Size: biggest
  • Disposition: lines
  • Alignment: left
  • [X] Show thumbnails
  • [_] Lock

Anyway, this is a KDE issue.

i guess this isn’t going to help, but I had never icons on my desktop,
just bare plasma desktop :slight_smile:


could it be this setting, assuming folder view mode ?

I don’t think so, I also have this same setting as in your screenshot, I tried the other setting when I had the issue before, but it didn’t help (and also I’m not sure, but I don’t think the Dolphin settings apply for the Folder View mode of the desktop, this is probably separated).

//EDIT: 360212 – Icon positions in folder view of the desktop are often scrambled after reboot or logout old bug marked as fixed (it is to me but I had this issue after this was marked as fixed…)
//EDIT2: older bug report 354802 – Desktop Icon position gets scrambled sometimes on reboot. but still opened

Thanks for the reply, it’s been happening forever, I think I notice the desktop icons change when starting specific games as well, which makes it even harder to narrow down what the cause is, could it be an Nvidia issue, who knows.

No, it is a KDE bug.

If you change resolution (games can when in fullscreen) it may change things.

The funny thing is when booting and I see the desktop I see them for a split second they are in the correct position, and then changes after, how is this not fixed Jesus! I hope the steam deck will force them to actually fix this issue.