Manjaro KDE connects to the internet, but the installer says there is no internet connection

I think the title says enough things, I want to install Manjaro KDE on the new hard drive I bought but the installer cannot connect to the internet even though NetworkManager says:
“Connection ‘Wired Connection 1’ enabled”
what I tried:
restarting the service with systemctl;
using ‘ip link set (my network card) up’.
and using exactly the same USB stick, Manjaro was able to connect to the internet on my spare laptop, so the kernel is too new and it doesn’t have correct drivers for my PC network card (Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411, according to inxi), I guess?

Hi @RetroGamerCX ,
Could you please read the following post in order to see whether it solves your problem?

No Internet with Live CD or Installation (Realtek 8111) - #9 by j8a

Hope this help, regards

oh, i forgot to mention that i already solved the problem (probably in the worst way):
what i did was to first install garuda linux, and then i installed manjaro. i think what happened was that manjaro reused the garuda linux drivers for my network card…