Manjaro KDE boot issue

Installed this on my 2nd SSD. However I had an issue with not being able to get grub to show up, so i deliberately overwrote the bootloader with windows and planned to add manjaro to the windows dual boot menu (with easybcd: had issues getting to work however).

Anyway for the past couple of months I've used Super GRUB2 Disk to boot without any issues.

However last night my KDE installation crashed. After rebooting super GRUB2 Disk doesn't detect any Manjaro installation. Infact the drive isn't even listed: also windows disk management doesn't even detect the drive.

Hardware Issue?

What filesystem is your manjaro root drive? It may need an fsck.

ext4 filesystem

I would boot off a live ISO and try running fsck on the filesystem and see if that helps.

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Will try that, although the fact that windows device manager and Disk Management isn't even detecting a drive isn't a good sign

Is working, played around with the drives connection. Must have been loose or maybe dust.

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