Manjaro KDE Bluetooth headset

I have Manjaro KDE on my laptop, and am trying to connect a bluetooth headset.

Very rarely, it connects correctly, and the headset’s name WH-1000XM3 is listed, and the headset lets me know that a connection has been established, and everything works.

But mostly, it connects to something called ‘LE-WH-1000XM3’ instead, which doesn’t work.
The headset is quiet, and powers off after a couple minutes, as it’s not connected. The computer doesn’t evern notice, it still thinks it’s connected. It doesn’t show up as a sound unit in system settings either.

Sometimes, but not always, removing the connection on the computer and rediscovering the headset works.

I take it the LE prefix is for ‘Low Energy’, but I can’t find a setting that turns this off; my googling only turns up ways to turn Low Energy mode on in Windows …

How to proceed?