Manjaro-kde-20.2.1-minimal-210103-linux54.iso is unbootable after install

The bios just doesn’t see the OS on the disk.
The installation was definitely done correctly.

/boot/efi takes up only 312 kb of the 300 mb available.
The installer does not install the boot loader?

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I think the ISO is broken.

I bet the problem sit 20cm in front of the computer screen. :crazy_face:

No error? With this little information only my glas globe remains… :crystal_ball:


The installer just won’t install the bootloader. The bios shows that there is no operating system. What more information could there be?

Just did a test on a VBox install with EFI enabled and works with no problem. Can’t test on real machine as i don’t have any system with UEFI BIOS.

Make sure you properly format and create the partitions, or let the installer do it automatically.

Is your BIOS set to boot in legacy mode and you installed the system in UEFI mode? That will not work … The ISO is fine tho.

Most likely problem is between the chair and the monitor. Grub invoking by installer on ISO works fine. Configure your BIOS, reinstall using correct settings (UEFI only or legacy only or whatever your desired setting is).

Only Manjaro does not install, the other Arch based installs.

Change your bios settings to Legacy I’ll work fine or else install Gparted on the live USB and remove the Legacy Uefi boot flag.:upside_down_face: