Manjaro KDE 18.1.0-rc1 ISO (testing branch)

This is the first full edition build of Manjaro-KDE, representing a release candidate for the 18.1.0 'Juhraya' release. The full package list can be found here.

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Sans Octopi, hmm? I'm curious to see how Pamac-Qt is coming along. I might take this for a spin in the next few days.

Replacing Octopi with Pamac-Qt is ridiculous and foolish, nearly as foolish as Pamac-Qt idea in the first place.

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What is the advantage of Pamac-Qt instead the Octopi?

I'm just curious...

You say things like that from time to time, but I'd like to see you define and defend it.
Make a thread :wink:
[but also remember someone has volunteered to create this tool, just out of sheer niceness]


I have been testing pamac-qt since the first kde-dev unstable ISO, and I think with the latest drop, it is stable enough with enough features for KDE testing ISOs.


Well we plan to use Pamac as our main package manager in all of our primary ISOs soon or later. Pacman will be optional and might not even come pre-installed in one of our future releases. This will simplify things on all ends as we manage binaries and the AUR with one tool in cli and via ui. So we will see when we are able to do that switch.


No point, Supreme Leader Herr Phil Un has spoken.

Two apps that do the exact same thing, completely duplicated using a different framework is completely unnecessary ... one will work differently, one will be buggy, double the maint, double the development (despite no in house Qt skills), double the bugs.

It makes no sense on any level, Pamac gtk will work just fine in Qt dominant DEs ... the argument to keep Qt systems "clean" or "pure" or less bloated is ridiculous and holds no merit.

As for replacing pacman with pamac et al ... this is just ego, arrogance and doing something purely to be different. It not only adds no value, it diminishes Manjaro significantly as a distro.

I'll leave it at that.


manjaro hello also needs to be in qt.
as manjaro kde install gvfs packages where its not needed.
to keep system pure an in qt is basically false
using octopi because its qt and not using pamac gtk is absurd.
since kde edition has many gtk apps like thunderbird .

basically remove any gtk based app and gtk3 from kde edition.

its not like we have shortage of qt apps
instead we have excess.

I'm all for having options, so long as octopi and pacman remain an option in the repos, I'm happy. One thing I keep mentioning and get no response to is, why does octopi have xterm as a dependency??? We like to talk about clean and tidy yet octopi is built with a redundant dependancy in xterm. Octopi has a built in terminal emulator in qtermwidget. For the love of humanity remove the xterm dependency!!!!!

To remove pacman from the repos would be utterly foolish of course. It would definitely be the first thing to install if it didn't come preinstalled.

But yes, if pacman was removed I'd have to abandon Manjaro for SwagArch or Namib. Or pure Arch. Or the community powered Antergos replacement.


See Options -> Terminal ... it is an option to execute Octopi commands in an xterm terminal.

Xterm only appears there because it is an unecessary dependency of octopi and installed on your system as such. If you remove it, it will not appear where you said it does as that section will show any terminal emulator installed on your system.

For example I removed xterm using the flag -Rdd and installed gnome-terminal (only to prove my point) and now xterm no longer shows in the section you mention but gnome-terminal does. Xterm isn't required! qtermwidget is a terminal emulator and a proper dependency for octopi. octopi will not work without qtermwidget if removed. Qtermwidget is used for octopi's integrated terminal.

I think xterm has been left in as a dependency before octopi had an integrated terminal in qtermwidget as was never removed from the package build when it was no longer required. I vaguely remember when it was added as a dependency during the days of the old forum.

If you look at the AUR package for octopi, it does not pull in xterm as a dependency.

Massively off topic, apologies.

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If you don't have xterm--or some terminal emulator--what do you use when things go south and you need a terminal?

The point is that if you install from the iso, or the plasma packages, Konsole is installed automatically. Xterm seems completely redundant.

What if you aren't running Plasma?

You mean lxqt? Isn't a terminal included in that package as well?

I mean any desktop/wm other than Plasma. (Say, GNOME? :smiley: ) Just because you name one (a desktop) does not mean it automatically requires a terminal of any sort.

Personally, I like the thought of having xterm around, kind of a "security blanket" thing with me, I dunno. :wink:


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Well the thing is: why use octopi with any non-qt environment. That's the point here, I think.

I mean i know all about terminals (not really): First time I installed Arch I forgot to add one. Because duh. At least I could just go out in TTY mode and pacman one in (aka Konsole).

Because I like it? Really. I do. That's why some enterprising individuals created packages to dress it up in non-Qt environs, neh? :smiley: