Manjaro KDE 18.0.2 checksum issue



I’m attempting to download Manjaro for use in VirtualBox (my computer runs macOS Mojave). I’m trying to download the latest stable manjaro KDE. I read on the wiki that I should use sha256 to check the download. My checksums did not match however:

SHA256(./Downloads/manjaro-kde-18.0.2-stable-x86_64.iso)= e6f78d01482919495718f2498d8582834edb21219188243c5232ef62e19f32e9

SHA256(./Downloads/manjaro-kde-18.0.2-stable-x86_64.iso.sha256)= 0c78dd25f64f886bb8cd414e8d1c8a8648836dee4b403b320834cbaf31482399

I’m using Firefox. It has been restarted. I deleted the iso file and re-tried. Same issue.

Next, I downloaded qbittorrent and used that to download:

when I did the checksum on the output from the torrent download, I got (again):
SHA256(./Downloads/manjaro-kde-18.0.2-stable-x86_64.iso)= e6f78d01482919495718f2498d8582834edb21219188243c5232ef62e19f32e9

I’ve never done checksums before, so its possible I’m doing something wrong. For reference, I’m running 'openssl dgst -sha256 ’ in mac terminal.

Happy to provide more info if needed. Thanks.


this is a simple text file. Open it with a text editor. You will find the sha256 sum for the iso file in it. compare this value with the checksum you generated for the iso. Do not generate the sha256 sum for this text file.


Wow. That’s very simple. Thanks for the heads up. Everything looks to be in order.

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