Manjaro just only show a black screen

When i choose manjaro from grub it’s just only a black screen
I have access to tty
What should i do ?

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Did it occur to you to search the forum for similar reports and possible solutions? I’m getting over 50 results by plugging the three words “black screen boot” into the search field. :wink:

The answers are irrelevant and ineffective

You mean you read through over 50 threads ─ with the real number probably sitting closer to 100 ─ in only five minutes? My my, you must be a fast reader!

And I suppose you also wouldn’t care much for telling us about your system, then? :arrow_down:

I read but in my system not work
I think my problem diffrent

What information do you need to give me?

Did you read the aforementioned link?

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