Manjaro iso with kernel 5.12+

I’m trying to install Manjaro on a new PC build with a Radeon 6700XT, and the drivers for this card were introduced in the kernel in 5.12 if I’m not mistaken. Using an iso with any kernel lower than this version gives an error with the display manager. One workaround would be to use an old graphics card for the install, then upgrade and then swap to the new card, but I don’t have any card available to do this.

Is there any iso (specifically with i3 if possible) or any way to create a custom image changing the kernel shipped with one of the official/community editions?

Here you have ISOs with 5.13 kernel:

Thanks, I didn’t know about that resource! Is there a list like that one for community editions though?

No. They are in RC stage at the moment. The community edition will follow soon after the main editions are released.

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