Manjaro is very slow to recognize USB devices

Hi everyone!
Can’t wrap my head around this issue: whenever I plug an USB device to my laptop (USB drive/ external HDD/ wireless mouse) I have to wait from 30 seconds up to 3 minutes for it to show up in Device Notifier and sometimes I even have to unlpug the device and plug it back in. If I connect my external HDD or USB drive the lights on the devices starts to blink, so I know they are recieving power, yet I always have to wait quite a while before I can acces them…
This becomes a problem with my wireless mouse even after startup. I have laptop-mode-tools installed but I don’t think it’s a power saving problem because the issue presents itself even when the laptop is plugged in…
What could it be?
If you need any other information don’t esistate to ask, I’m a noob and don’t know what I can add to the post to make the diagnostic easier.
Thank you for reading!

Edit: also, not correlated but still a little frustrating: sometimes when I boot the battery icon on the task bar just desappears, although I can see power consumption in system settings, and reappears if I log out and log back in… any idea why? xD

I would enter

journalctl | grep usb
sudo dmesg --level=err,warn

and then look for entries in the time frame you connected / disconnected USB devices.

Please refer to the following. An inxi posted here might help solve your issue.

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Hi guys, I forgot that I opened this thread, but thanks to anyone that answered.
I think the problem was laptop-mode-tools, even if I disabled autosuspend for USB devices that I use regularly…
Yesterday I switched to TLP because of the easy and complete UI that it comes with and disabled autosuspend for usb ports in general and it’s all good now!
So I guess that, even when connected to the charger, LMT was suspending my usb ports or performing some sort of power saving actions, causing slow recognition of USB devices. I guess you could disable autosuspend completly even in LMT, but TLP gives me more battery life and it’s easyer to use for a noob, so I’ll stick with that.
Have a great day everybody!

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