Manjaro is the world's best OS

Manjaro is the world's best OS

Disclaimer: I am no software expert. I am a layman. However an OS must have true grit in it, to stay with me because, I abuse an OS as much I use it. I am no simple home user. Even when I do not know the ABCDs of programming and that kind of knowledge, I keep tinkering with the OS, (whichever I install on my system) as if I am an expert. I never hesitate to make intricate changes in the system even at the cost of shattering my system. I have installed and re-installed OSs, a hundred times now. I used to do this to Windows too. At times I have installed and re-installed an OS three times in two days, because I tried to change things in a way I wanted and it didn't work. I demand 'out of the way' things from OS.

Here is my opinion about operating systems.

Windows: It is a bad habit.

Manjaro: I don't think there is much to say after what I said in disclaimer, but there is one thing that I have to add. I have been using computers since the last at least 20 years now. Windows was my OS for some 12-13 years. That makes Linux my OS for the last 7-8 years. LinuxMint was my first Linux OS. Since then I have tasted some 4-5 linux flavours like, LM, BodhiLinux, Puppy Linux, DSL and a couple of others whose names I don't remember at this point of time. And now I am using Manjaro. Some I have used for long like, LM for some 4 years. Some I have used for very short duration like, Puppy for a couple of days.

The point I am trying to make here is; I am a layman who wants to get in control of my OS. With that objective, I try to get it to work according to my needs. I do a lot of video editing to educate my son. I tinker with /etc/fstab a lot by my standards. There is a family Laptop, which everybody in the family uses. I have to make some partitions and give authority to specific users. It is a Dual boot with Windows7 and Manjaro on it. There is my son's laptop, which I have to see that, the system is smooth running to cater to the simple needs of a college going youngster, who always has this great question mind, "why am I being forced to use a Linux OS while the rest of the world is using Windows?". I have to see that he is not irked by his system and he understands that it doesn't make a difference whether he is using Windows or Linux as long it caters to our needs and is safe to use and your liberty is not compromised. And then I have this good old Desktop PC which runs on Antix. (Antix is the second best.) So I maintain three computers all on Linux. [How is that for a layman? ;)].

When I was using LM, I had to re-instal some every 6 months or so, because of my abuse. (I would define abuse as; "tinkering with software with the least knowledge of it with the help of bits of information being discussed here and there on the web". I do that a lot.)

To my surprise and yours too, I would like to inform you guys that I have not re-installed the Laptop which is on Manjaro and is slogged for at least 18 hrs a day along with all the installation and uninstallation of a wide variety of software and their dependencies every now and then and the OS tinkered at least 2-3 times in a week; for almost two years now.

The Manjaro OS has not troubled me much at all. It obeys and complies with your most out of the way wishes without giving you much trouble and keeps going. It never minds your abuse of it. That is what I like the most in it.

MX Linux: Recently, my son abused his Manjaro system. There was this updating process which was not going on well, so he tinkered with the Pamac update process (He doesn't do that but something prompted him to do that now. He is too new to computers.) and the system stopped working. I tried to bring it back but couldn't. So I thought of re-installing. Then this thing came to my mind that; of late, the Manjaro update mirrors have become very slow, (may be because the number of visitors has increased by manyfold.) So why not install a new distro for a change? I checked on the Distrowatch site for the most popular one in recent times (though I don't go by that yard stick, it is one of my first checks while searching for a new distro.). It was MX Linux. I just checked things about it. I found that MX allows Flash player to be installed on it. Isn't it a security hole? Why are they doing it while most or all Linux distros keep away from it? Are they catering to Windows refugees who have been habituated to flash? If it is so, then they are doing it wrong. People come to Linux for the security and independence that it provides. If the Linux world starts catering to badly habituated world, then it looses hold of its very purpose.

So I gave up the idea of distro-hopping and I am back with Manjaro. It cares for safety and security and withstands the onslaught of abuse.

And then the new Manjaro 18 Illyria, is beautiful. The downloading was smooth. The ISO file integrity checking was smooth and fine. The Installation was a cake walk. And by the way the updating speed was also normal.

Thank you and,
Thank you Manjaro

Anilkumar S Kagi


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