Manjaro is so slow as the 1990's ! ha ha

I like Manjaro … it’s … very Kool and everything …

…it’s just too freaking Too Slow ! ha ha

It’s on 1TB SDD. I have i-7 clip. I have 32GB of ram…

… I am like, am I back in the 1990’s ? ha ha

From the grub menu to logon, it takes one minute. From login to desktop, it takes one minute.

Even the apps are slow to start.

I have Windows 10, Ubuntu and elementary and I have no issues.

Any command lines that will fix this issues ?

Thanks ! I will appreciate it’. I want to keep Manjaro too.

I had similar issues (here)
Can you put the output of

systemd-analyze blame

Or at least say how long it takes and what’s the top most lines…

Edit: a typo…

it says “bash: systemd-anlayze: command not found”

My bad…
It was a typo…
It should be ANALYZE like so:

systemd-analyze blame

Output of:
systemd-analyze blame
systemd-analyze critical-chain

Takes me 20 seconds to boot, because I have a slow BIOS that takes half of the boot time (so without the slow BIOS it would boot in 10 seconds actually). Manjaro is not slow, you have an issue.

systemd-analyze blame

12.982s dev-sda1.device
12.589s snapd.service
6.274s dev-loop1.device
5.979s dev-loop16.device
5.724s dev-loop2.device
5.552s dev-loop8.device
5.532s dev-loop11.device
4.830s dev-loop4.device
4.762s accounts-daemon.service
4.642s dev-loop13.device
4.619s NetworkManager.service
4.501s avahi-daemon.service
4.496s systemd-logind.service
4.225s dev-loop17.device
4.073s dev-loop7.device
lines 1-15

Give full output of each commands, not just first lines.