Manjaro is losing ground against MXLinux

Just realized that Manjaro is losing ground on distrowatch against MXLinux.
MXLinux is number one in the Last 3 months, last 30 days and last 7 days.

Well, I guess everything must go to an end.

I personally don’t get however, why MXLinux is getting so popular.
Tried, as I have mentioned in an other thread, to install it on VirtualBox, and failed miserably. - The OS is so extremely slow on VirtualBox. Never tried on bare metal 'though.
Don’t like how it looks as well. Our Manjaro Xfce Edition is much nicer (despite I’m not a xfce user either).


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Nobody cares.

…well, maybe some of us are a tad happy to not be as inundated with crappy youtube videos instructing people on how to royally destroy their installs and the following ‘HELP ME PLZ NOW THNX’ threads.


MX Linux is very good, especially on older, or limited hardware. It’s very stable and had lots of nice unique tools (very easy to make a custom iso of a running system, for example). I use it on my older laptops.

It has a different audience in mind, I think, than Manjaro, which is more cutting edge.


Yeah, I think so too.
The audiance is more like ubuntu’s or mint’s audiance imo.

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It’s all in the signal-to-noise ratio. :smiley:


that is just a hit counter, it cannot be determined if people are using a certain distro. I look at it sometimes twice a week. There could be people like myself that go to the site and download multiple copies, none of the specifics are taken into consideration other than the count of visits


No one really cares. This is straight from Wikipedia and the Distrowatch people:

Distrowatch itself affirms that its page rankings are “a light-hearted way of measuring the popularity of Linux distributions and other free operating systems among the visitors of this website. They correlate neither to usage nor to quality, and should not be used to measure the market share of distributions. They simply show the number of times a distribution page on was accessed each day, nothing more.”

MXLinux is more near user than official Debian or Sid version


Nobody cares. (Just saying it again.)

We’ll just continue to live as Linux Mint continued to live when Manjaro took its place.

Actually, there is people in the community that are relieved and happy that Manjaro loses “the #1 distro status” and I kinda understand why, it removes a lot of pressure on the distro by not having to deal with the people having über high expectations from “the #1 distro”.

Well, there were (and still is) people that also don’t understand “why Manjaro is (or was rather, I guess) getting so popular.” Not an surprising reaction.

Indeed. Albeit being a simplified distro, the fact that Manjaro is a rolling-release distro that aims to ship the lastest software in a reasonably fast pace make it a very different beast.


:poop: +∞ increase


Old news …

I would like to personally welcome our new insect overlords.



Distrowatch again… In the next few weeks Disco Dingo will go to #1, shortly followed by Tina and Fedora and every other new release (the Distrowatch equivalent of Distribution Pokemon, gotta try them all!)

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:man_dancing: The linux distro that is …All the RAVE! The icons are disco ball glitter worthy. and every time I get mail I hear, “Dingo’s Got My Baby” to the beat of ‘dancing queen.’ :dancer:

I actually believe it is a good thing. Being the top distro has some side effect that many users will set an irrational expectation on it. As an arch-based distro, Manjaro inherits the beauty of simplicity, yet many users especially from Debian-based distros think it’s too complicated for them.

As someone that came from Linux Mint, I wouldn’t say it is really more complicated, and not really that harder (I think people really overestimate how Debian-based distro are easy actually).

It is definitely different though, and you have to adapt to how things are done on Manjaro (which is sometime, but not always, similar to Arch). IMO people think Manjaro is complicated because they are too used of how they did things on their previous distro(s).


Reasons for MX linux
-Based on Debian
-Ubuntu users find it confortable
-Systemdless option
-Various config tools that I’d love manjaro to fork!
-Ubuntu is starting to fail…
Not saying I’m switching off manjaro, as I love this distro, but those are the reasons that I feel MX is gaining.


Yup. People have to be prepared to move away from “In DistroX I fixed this problem/did this thing by doing Y, so now I want to do Y in Manjaro. Why won’t Manjaro let me do Y? Why do I have to learn something other than Y?”.


That is something that will appeal mostly complete computer geeks, the average joe doesn’t really give a s- on systemd, they want a working computer and use their applications.

(Assuming that average joe even knows what systemd is to begin with.)

They are starting to fail since 2011 with Unity, according to the Internet. :laughing:


For the vast majority of people this is absolutely meaningless.
Heck, I’d go so far as to say that is even true for most people who think it is important.

Like what?


Oh I found a list

… which … from what I see … the only sorta nice stuff that could apply to us
(whether we use the exact same tool is another matter)

1-Boot repair

And both of those can either be handled manually, or a utility can be installed for them.

Such as number 1 you just read a tutorial and use chroot if necessary … number 2 you install timeshift … I really dont see anything warranting fanfare or implementation in manjaro…
[heck most of it is auto-installation scripts or things that apply to debian/apt]

But sure … a really nice boot-repair script or ncurses tool would be kinda nice…

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