Manjaro is great and so are the moderators and so helpful people

Manjaro is great and so are the moderators and so helpful people. A huge thank you to all. You are a great team. :upside_down_face:


You from Australia friend? Or should I say mate?

No USA. and you can call me friend or mate. That is friendly, thanks. :wink:


If you’re not from AUS, then you are surely standing on you head according to that smiley in the first post. And standing on your head typing…does that mean you work for a circus? Or is an acrobat, to be able to perform such a trick?

OK, I’ll stop now.

upside down - any particular reference ?

Why yes. Glad you asked.

They (the Aussies) ARE at the bottom of the world, after all. So it would only make sense that they’re upside-down.

What does an upside down smiley mean to you? To me it means an upside down smiley? :smiley:

What kind of reference are you asking, it is just an upside down smily.

If that is what you think, I have no problem with your line of thinking. But really it was harmless just an upside smiley face to me. Otherwise no meaning! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

What if we’re been lied and the truth is that we are upside-down, not Australia? What if we’re living on a giant donut? Without glaze? :scream: :dizzy_face: :crazy_face:

Giant donut? Possible.

Without glaze? I don’t think so. We just call it snow…must be where we got the isea for donuts…

Terry (Pratchett) would have been proud!

Also possible. Makes me more glad I’ll be less upside-down than the blokes up North though…but not as upright as the Aussies, then…


Well at least Earth isn’t flat, or else cats would have pushed everything off the side by now! :stuck_out_tongue:



I have the same thoughts as the author of this topic, here in the manjaro forum everyone is very kind and friendly, even the staff manjaro-team, mods and admins, always very helpful and attentive.

Even for those like “me” who only understand things here with a lot of effort and the help of google translate.

Even more for a Brazilian in the state of Pará one “papa-chibe”

T+ = See you later

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It was only an upside down smiley.That’s all I thought it was funny, obviously it may not be? Call me ignorant on the emoji meanings and such.:thinking:

Wrong person,sorry.

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I’ve been asked for explanations about the end of all my messages, see below:

T+ = See you later or So long

Disagree a little with you not everybody on this forum is nice. You don’t know everyone I do believe. But maybe. Kind of funny considering I have been with Manjaro since the beginning, and do know just about or know of many mods, devs, some members etc. Please have a good time using and meeting a Hugh forum population. Peace and harmony to you!

Think your posts are fine. Some members and those who choose to work for free on this forum may not.

No. Don’t know what it means. To me it was harmless. What does it mean? Something bad? I thought it was funny so I used the upside down smiley. That’s all.

Sounds reasonably coherent to me. I do like glazed though! But could be who really knows. :doughnut: