Manjaro is crashing everyday or restarts randomly

Hi there,

I’m using Manjaro now for many months since I bought a new computer. The first weeks everything worked perfectly fine, but for about ~3 months the system started to freeze randomly everyday 1-2 times. I can only restart my computer because it won’t “defreeze” anymore. Also, Firefox starts crashing all the time since the beginning of this year.

I’m not very into computer and Linux stuff yet, so I really hope someone can help. The system is up to date and I’m very unsure if there is maybe a problem with the drivers.


It’s difficult to say - it all depends on your configurations.

The base Manjaro system is rock solid - it is what is put on top of it which makes the issues - usually.

You mention Gnome - have you tried disabling all extensions for a few days to see if that makes a change?

It could just as easily be a hardware issue. :wink:

As this point - anything is possible as there is not much info available.


Hello @Menjaro, could you kindly give me your specs? And how much swap do you have? And you can add more stuff to your reply.

Sounds like it could be a RAM issue. Try running Memtest86 one night and come back the next morning to check the results.