Manjaro installer support for drives as isw_raid_member?

I am attempting to install Manjaro 2104 on a computer which has this intel raid built into the bios. mdadm recognizes it and the installer shows a /dev/md127 but it errors when attempting to create partitions. I think /dev/md126 is the device to use but it is not in the installer’s drive list.

Anyone else use the isw_raid setup?

No and I simply avoid Firmware Raid, because in reality it is just Software RAID. The only thing what is hardware assisted, is the sync process before any OS has been loaded.

A simple search gave me this:

sudo dmraid -ay

The partitions should be available at: /dev/mapper/RaidSetName etc…

But that said, I would say the calamares setup guide cannot handle this. You need to do a fully manual setup.