Manjaro installer says"There are no partitions to install on"

Cant continue with install, installer worked on my other laptop

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Hello and welcome to the forum,

Can you share some screenshot where you cannot see the partition to install ?
I think either the hdd is not detected or something else.

I have an ssd,

How would i take a screenshot?

Mobile phone camera?

Ensure Intel Optane is disabled in the system firmware and set the disk access to AHCI.

New members connot post screenshots and links.

isn’t there a workaround by putting the link into code format with the </> button??

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will do

I couldnt find anything about Intel Optane or disc access in my firmware settings.
Im on a lenovo laptop so i think my firmware settings window may be different than yours

You could also check for “secure boot” and “fast boot” in your BIOS and disable those if they are present.

I have disabled secure boot, there is no option to disable fast boot even though there was on my other lenovo laptop

Maybe provide the output of sudo fdisk -l to see what is or is not recognized as hard-disks…
Please put ``` (on separate lines) before and after the pasted output)

where would i do that?