Manjaro installer not recognizing SSD

Im trying to install manjaro (the kde one)
And ive made the bootable usb correctly but when i try to do the installer it does not recognize my ssd In my pc whatsoever
But i can get it to recognize another usb just not the ssd
Im very much new to linux so I cannot figure out where to even begin resolving this myself
Edit: ive already formatted the partition on the drive but not cleared the partitions but didnt go any further just since i do not want to goof anything

Hello and welcome,

You have to make sure your machine BIOS has set the SATA/Raid to AHCI mode, and Secure Boot and Fast Boot disabled.

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While probably not needed because it sounds like you have a clean drive and don’t want a dual boot situation with windows by your mentioning you already formatted the partition, however if you are dual booting with windows then just changing the bios to switch from RAID mode to AHCI mode will make windows no longer boot. To prevent that do the following first in windows:

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