Manjaro installer doesn't show CJK fonts

Hello. I’m installing manjaro 21.2.3 in my virtual machine, but Japanese text can’t be seen in the installer. How can I workaround this issue?

[environment information]
boot image: manjaro-i3-21.2.3-220205-linux515.iso
CPU: intel i7-7700HQ
memory: 2GB
note: my environment is virtual machine hosted by VMware Workstation 16 Player

[steps to reproduce]

  1. boot from ISO
  2. click [Manjaro Hello] > [Launch Installer]
  3. select Chinese, Japanese or Korean for language
  4. no text will be shown


It could be the installer has not been translated - I don’t know.

If the fonts is not available on the ISO - e.g. a minimal ISO - one possible workaround would be to install the font

sudo pacman-mirrors -aU
sudo pacman -Sy noto-fonts

I installed fonts but it didn’t resolve.

I will proceed installation in English.

Source Han Sans should be pre-installed by default, no matter what language you choose. I think it is calamares’ fault