Manjaro installed on USB from Intel laptop wont boot on Ryzen laptop

Hello all!
Some months ago I installed Manjaro with KDE Plasma DE on a USB stick I and have been enjoying it very much.
Note: It is not the bootable USB iso image. I have actually installed Manjaro on a USB stick.

I installed it on the USB via my Dell XPS laptop (intel). I have since then changed jobs and got a Ryzen 4750u laptop from work that I enjoy a lot more.
I would like to run my Manjaro USB installation on my Ryzen laptop now but when I insert the USB and boot, it just seems to skip over the Manjaro USB being prio 1 in the boot order and just boots to Ubuntu which is the main OS on my laptop.

I assume I need some AMD drivers installed on my USB installation, but how do I install those and where can I get them? All I get when I google for it is results for getting AMD GPU drivers, nothing about CPU or non-GPU drivers.

I have inserted the Manjaro USB into 2 other computers and successfully booted the USB on those machines but they have all been Intel machines.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or know how I can go about solving this issue?

I get shivers just thinking of AMD based devices - they scare me me a lot - you will never know what issues may pop up with such devices.

On USB devices you will have to install all necessary drivers to be sure it will boot on a variety of devices.

You could start with booting the USB on a compatible system then run a system sync adding in the xorg-drivers META package

sudo pacman -Syu xorg-drivers

Thank you for your reply and sorry for the very late reply.
I tried your suggestion but that seems to not have done anything.
I still can’t seem to boot my usb on an AMD machine.