Manjaro install stuck at "Started TLP system startup/shutdown"

I'm not one to post onto forums however I've been toiling at this for about 12 hours and I have no solution. Yesterday I installed Manjaro onto a new SSD that had just been taken out of the box. I used a live disk with Manjaro 18 on it and everything went smoothly. I spent the rest of the day customising it and when I went to install some drivers for my display (YouTube was stuttering so I stupidly assumed it was a driver issue) it got stuck at the reboot. So far I've gone into 'Ctrl+Alt+F2' and I'm in the process of reinstalling all of my packages. My current driver is 'video-nvidea'.

AMD-FX 6300
GTX 1050

I've waited for the packages to install and it fixed it?!?! Why was this so easy?? It just booted like that!!

Patience is a bless :wink:
Changed the title from Mankato ... to Manjaro ... as there is no relation of Mankato, Minnesota with the install of linux :slight_smile:

After I installed the video-nvidia package yesterday, I had a slower boot time, with boot message stuck on "tlp system startup/shutdown". Turns out I needed to install haveged. If you experience this as well see this post:

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