Manjaro install on HP laptop

HP x360 spectre has a high resolution 3840x2160.
Texts on installation screens are so tiny I can hardly read them.
There must be a way to make them more readable to people over 50, 60?

Of course, once installed, I can scale the display and enlarge the font.
But I'm talking about during installation from live USB stick...

That depends on the edition chosen.

Gnome, KDE and Cinnamon has a decent HiDPI experience - maybe others based on those have too.

But Xfce and editions based on CLI or window managers - they have poor HiDPI support OOB.

I'm using KDE.
I am pretty certain the original Manjaro/KDE which I installed looking great on the same HP laptop.
That was one of the things I was most impressed with compared to Kubuntu.
But I am now using the latest 18.1.0. and it showed up really tiny.

This could be due to a change in KDE - I suspect they sometimes removes settings - maybe due to deprecation or change in naming - I have no idea.

You can adjust the scaling - if I recall correct - it is found under the Display section.

I know. After the install, scaling works great. It's during the install which presents problems.

Why are you reinstalling?
Manjaro is a rolling release, you would have already been at the same level as what is on the current ISO. Most, if not all, other changes like themes, default applications, etc. could be made manually.
Going from manjaro-kde-settings-18.0 to manjaro-kde-settings would make most of these changes for you.

manjaro-kde-settings-18.0 (Depends On manjaro-base-skel adapta-breath-theme plasma5-theme-adaptabreath)

manjaro-kde-settings (Depends On manjaro-base-skel breath-icon-theme gtk-theme-breath plasma5-themes-breath noto-fonts-compat

After that, you would need to merge whatever settings are under /etc/skel/ into your home directory, including the hidden files and folders. Then possibly update some /etc/default/grub settings, and install the grub-theme-manjaro package, if not already installed.

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Auto configuration on each individual case is not yet possible, but our AI specialists are working hard on this!
Just joking... :clown_face:

If you are talking about Live ISO with Plasma/KDE, you can still change DPI. IIRC there is a plasmoid that can be used in the panel, but someone has to use it anyway. Maybe request to be included in installers?

One can also force the font dpi here:

You can also adjust the global scale without changing the resolution here:

You might need to log out and back in for it to take effect though.

I understand OP concern is mostly on "how to use the installer screen, when you are not familiar with settings" :man_shrugging:

Folks, I know about and use the display scaling all the time.
It's the installation screens on a high-dpi device that is a problem.
I'm guessing this turns lot of first-time installers away from linux distro such as Manjaro,
if not just not possible 'cause you just can't read those tiny texts...

Hey, installers, is it that hard to offer resolution option on the very first screen?
Doesn't Clonezilla have something like that, I seemed to recall?

It may be possible, but there is no real base on the question:

Is it that hard?

and it is disrespectful IMHO (if you ask me). The point is "what priority will it get?".
Of course, for any request you might have, you may/should create a ticket at Manjaro Gitlab, on ISOs. :man_shrugging:

oh, man, i had no such intentions.
just expressing my sincere wish and yes, frustration as a new user.
i will look into suggested ticket...

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