Manjaro install external SSD Macbook

I’m trying to install Manjaro on a external ssd to boot it up with a MacBook Air 2015, I searched a while but I only found a tutorial for Ubuntu. Does someone know a step by step guide?

you do it the same way you install to an internal drive, just make sure the external drive is the one selected in the installer as the destination. has the macbook air concerned got thunderbolt or USB3.1 minimum though? If not, an external SSD will be quite slow to run the OS from.

Thanks, should I install the iso on the usb-stick and then install the os on the ssd or do I install the iso on the ssd ?
It has thunderbolt

You should be using som piece of software like Etcher, Rufus or the like to "burn" the iso on the USB, boot it up and run the installer to "install" Manjaro on the drive.

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