Manjaro install and live environment fail to boot after Windows 10 update

I’ve recently (~1 month ago) installed windows 10 on a partition on my previously purely manjaro machine due to university. Aside from needing to reinstall GRUB after an update, it has been relatively smooth until a day ago.

After a recent update, manjaro refuses to boot both on the live environment from a USB and on the actual hardware install. I have the most recent version of manjaro flashed to one drive and a much older version on another, both failed to boot into the live environment. I was thinking that this was an nvidia driver issue (like it always is) and to be able to chroot into the install from the live environment to reinstall the drivers, however because it can not boot into the live environment I am unable to do so.

The installation just freezes after a couple seconds into booting, which also prevents me from accessing the virtual terminal (ctrl+shift+f2/f3). Secure boot is disabled, legacy+uefi is enabled, fast boot is disabled, etc…

It also seems to freeze at seemingly random messages after removing quiet from the boot options. It’s all around ~2-3 after booting, however.

If anyone knows what the issue is and how to fix it, that would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had Windows updates remove the boot option for Linux. Twice. My HP laptop doesn’t use Grub but it’s own Bios for boot options. It’s the reason I no longer dual boot.
ps the only way I could recover my Linux OS was to reinstall. Use a bootable ISO to backup your files, they are still there and then reinstall.

Do you manage to just boot the USB and get into the live desktop or console before installing?

if so, try command dmesg, that will tell you what problems the kernel is having with your hardware.

With this randomnes and old version not working any more, I would suspect the hardware to be the issue.

No, one of the biggest issues is that I can’t even boot up a live environment off an ISO. It freezes just as my actual install does. GRUB shows up perfectly fine on both the bootable ISOs and my installation, it’s just when actually booting either of the two it locks up.

If you can confirm some other way that USB stick is okay, then I would start diagnosing hardware:

  • check CPU temperature in bios, if it’s normal then
  • resocket the memory sticks, try to boot, if it fails
  • remove all but one memory stick, try to boot, if it fails
  • remove the memory stick, take a different one and put it into the slot next to the one you just used to avoid potentially bad memory channel, try to boot, if it fails
  • disconnect all drives and if you have an intel then remove th GPU and use onboard one, try to boot

If it still doen’t work, then it gets more complicated, because you usually don’t have extra motherboard or cpu lying around. You can check if PSU looks fine and try to reconnect all cables, but unless you have a really cheap PSU, those two last things are rarely an issue.

Oh, the PC itself is fine, it boots windows 10 perfectly. It just does not want to boot Manjaro. I may end up trying to boot into the live environment without my GPU and with my iGPU instead to see if it really is an nvidia issue, otherwise I have no idea.

Is there an option for uefi only?

Yes, which I tried to no avail.

I ended up doing this, and to my surprise the live environment was able to boot. I’m reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers through chroot, so we will see how that ends up.