Manjaro i3WM vs. Manjaro Sway

For those that used both, what’s your opinion on both?
Which one look better, easier to use OOTB, and straight forward to set up?

I have had i3 installed on an older laptop which I use just for simple things. Not gaming and such gpu demanding tasks or compiling stuff. Now there is the sway edition of Manjaro installed.

The default of Manjaro sway is pretty nice. I see everything what I need and don’t have to adjust or tinker anything. I think it is a pretty good out-of-the-box experience. However, I didn’t try to change the default settings at this moment, although I would switch from the foot terminal to alacritty terminal.

In my opinion, sway look better and is a good replacement for i3 if you want to switch to wayland.

I used both and now have sway as my main wm. Both work well, but when you as I go from one display (laptop) to two displays and back you get to enjoy the automation coming from wayland. It’s a pain in the ass to always have to use arandr to get it right in i3wm because of the limitations of xorg.

While I am biased and clearly in favor of the sway edition: for automating scaling/display tasks on i3/X in general, you could give autorandr a try.

i3 is stable, you don’t have to adjust to new features.
Sway is being developed. The Sway edition especially often wants you to manually update the config files with those in /etc/skel
I prefer sway, I feel like avant guarde when using it.

ah, that is a misunderstanding: that note is being displayed after every update - better safe than sorry. I try to keep the numbers of times that is really necessary to a minimum.

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Ah, cool to get to know my OS maintainer!
Well, I did it maybe twice.
Sway edition runs on a very weak laptop with 2GB RAM.

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