Manjaro i3wm some Problems

... on my laptop i'm using Manjaro-i3 and there are some thing that could not be solved by me:

  1. my volume-icon on the bottom left says everytime 46%, when i click on it and set it to 100% it is louder, but after every reboot it is again on 46%, what can i do to save the 100% setting ?

  2. i cannot find a setting to let my numlock go on, on every boot

  3. VLC works with sound, SMplayer not ???

Add something like this to your autostart:

amixer sset 'Master' 100%

Install numlockx add to startup - numlockx on

Dont know - check smplayer settings?

... where i find autostart-settings in i3 ?

It is in your config file - I haven't run i3 in years.

exec blah

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... many thanxxx !!!

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