Manjaro I3: Unicode Glyphs not displayed properly in urxvt


Hey there, I’ve recently downloaded and installed the I3 edition of Manjaro. While I like the default design aesthetics, I’ve come across a problem with the default terminal, urxvt, when using a zsh-theme which uses unicode glyphs, or, more generally, in any and all situations in which unicode should be displayed.
All unicode symbols are displayed as a box.

This behavior can best be tested simply by echoing a unicode code point, such as ‘echo -e “\u0641”’, which should display this glyph: ف.

My .Xresources file, which is default except for the font (but I have tested with the default font also) can be found here:

Using Termite as a terminal emulator, unicode is displayed correctly. I’d like to use urxvt, though, especially since it’s already well adapted to the theme :thinking:

Any help would be much appreciated! :grin:

edit: I should add, if anyone is so observant as to notice that the Fira Code font specified in the .Xresources file is spelled FuraCode, that’s actually not a typo. For some reason, the newer nerd-font releases include Fira Code spelled Fura Code, might be a typo on their part :man_shrugging:

edit: The alternate spelling of Fira is due to licensing issues


Just as an update: I’ve switched to termite for now, and will probably abondon urxvt in it’s favor. I’ve found Termite configuration to be much more pleasant -it really wasn’t a problem to theme fittingly-, and it’s got other bonuses, such as being mindful of Wayland (which might be relevant once Sway gets a newer stable release).

I’ve included a screenshot of urxvt next to termite, the glyphs which are beeing displayed in urxvt belong to the nerd-fonts package.

I’d still like to understand the issue, though, so any replies are appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: Grammar


I find sterminal and lxterminal-gtk3 to be the best urxvt replacements due to their lightness. That being said, termite is great too. Not light but great.