Manjaro i3 for Khadas VIM3?

I’ve been using Manjaro KDE on my Khadas VIM3 Pro, and it’s been fantastic.
Being impressed with Manjaro, and wanting a change, I recently installed Manjaro i3 on an old Intel i7 laptop which had been running kubuntu for many years. After the initial acclimatizing to a tiling window manager, I am really loving it. So much so, that I want to go ahead and use i3wm on my Khadas VIM3.

I installed i3-gaps on the VIM3 on top of Manjaro KDE and… it’s not the same. I tried searching the Internet, and seems like the advice is to install Manjaro i3 instead of trying to set up i3 from scratch.

So the question: are there plans for a Manjaro i3 for Khadas VIM3? I know that there are versions for VIM1 and VIM2.

You can use the Manjaro ARM Installer, to install Manjaro i3 for a Vim 3 to an SD card.

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Great! Thank you