manjaro i3 fonts.

i am driving my self bonkers looking and am looking for some help i want to change my i3 bar and dmenu fonts to Inconsolata

i noticed the font settings in.dmenu rc and tried to change to

but no joy

as far as the fonts in i3 bar and window decorations in i3
and tried changing the font peram there to
font Inconsolata 10

both settings were no joy

do i have my syntax wrong or i looking in the wrong place?

thank in advance.

This might be helpful?

thanks that helped found this lines in ~/.i3/config

Font for window titles. Will also be used by the bar unless a different font

is used in the bar {} block below.

font pango:Inconsolata 10

and made the appropriate changes
now to figure out dmenu

Make sure that the DMENU_FN variable you have (correctly) set is called by the DMENU_OPTIONS variable in the last line of the file.
If uncertain please post the content of the ~/.dmenurc file.

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Arch Wiki once again has some guidance.
Basically, what @bill_t said, in wiki form. :wink:

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