Manjaro i3: Firefox displaying green/red fonts on some/most text

I’m not seeing this in Chrome or Palemoon. I tried playing with Preferences>Content>Fonts and Colors, but it persists.

Can you be more specific please?
What do you mean by “green/red fonts”? Are the fonts washed out and show coloured fringes? If that’s the case, than you most probably want to check hinting and sub-pixel rendering on fontconfig.
Possibly edit ~/.Xresources to include the correct Xft SPR settings like:

Xft.antialias: true
Xft.hinting: true
Xft.rgba: rgb
Xft.autohint: false
Xft.hintstyle: hintslight
Xft.lcdfilter: lcddefault

Xft.rgba setting could be the interesting for you.

I do aplogize. I’ve been very busy and must have missed the notification about your reply. My ~.Xresources is correct. That was the first thing I checked after I did a web search. It appears to be a disply anamoly as the coloring vanishes after I zoom the view. I see either red or green letters mostly on verticle letters like “i” and “l”. I realize it’s a strange issue and I do very much apreciate your your response. I will play with the dispaly settings and see if I can figure something out. Thanks again and have a great holiday.


Try setting Xft.rgba: none just to clear the doubt. Are you using a laptop or a desktop? If you’re using a desktop check the clock-phase (auto-adjust) and white-balance if you have those options available. You can use this page to do it.


Yes, I also assume it’s not really coloured fonts but probably just not the right settings for your screen.
Check out the thread about font tweaking, especially Odysseus’ post there!

That did it. Thank you both. Cheers!


I did run the and it greatly improved the look of the fonts. Also edited fontconfig because by default it wasn’t set to 96 DPI and lcddefault. After this all lloks good.
I have tried tested many environments like Gnome and KDE and they offer easy settings for this but also many problems behind the shiny surface :slight_smile:
i3 is basic and have to take care of config files but after that it works well.

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i3 is basic and have to take care of config files but after that it works well.

Agreed. I switched to i3 for that reason. I’ve used Linux for years and kept telling myself that I was going to learn this an that, but always ended up using a GUI tool to do it. i3 is giving the perfect environment to grow and learn. Thanks for the tip on the optimizer script. I’ll check it out when I return home. Cheers!

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The advantage of i3 is that it stays stable after each update, because there are generally not many changes. Once you’ve set up everything to your likings, it mostly stays like this.
And it’s a rather small package with few dependencies.
You’ll learn a lot, but not necessarily more than with any other WM or DE.

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