Manjaro-i3 18.1.0-rc1 ISO (testing branch)

This is the first full edition build of Manjaro-i3, representing a release candidate for the 18.1.0 'Juhraya' release. The full package list can be found here.

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Hello! I'd like to install Manjaro i3 on my stupid Prestigio "laptop" which has x86 UEFI, but x64 system. I've found this (How to install Manjaro on a 32 bit efi / 64 bit cpu system) topic and according to the answer, which links to this ([Stable Update] 2019-05-17 - Kernels, Grub, KDE, Deepin, Gnome, XFCE, LibreOffice, Bash, Systemd) blog post, Manjaro should support such occasions natively.

However, I tried installing Manjaro-i3-18.1.0-testing-rc4 and it doesn't boot at all from BIOS/UEFI.
The most recent version which boots at least to Live USB is Manjaro-i3-i686-17.0.5, but it doesn't install, failing with bootloader setup after deploying an OS.

Is it possible to make the latest Manjaro-i3 to support such occasions? Thanks in advance.

Do I understand correctly that the official editions do install fine on your hardware?
If so I will have to check what is still needed for the i3 edition. The I have to check what is still required to make this work.
The 18.1 rc4 image was built after May 17, so the updated grub package mentioned in the other thread is certainly already included. Possibly the next build with latest manjaro-tools will make a difference - we shall see. I will upload new rc images in about a week the latest, maybe earlier. So stay tuned!
In the meantime as mentioned above could you please verify how the latest release candidates of our official ISOs behave? Thanks

@oberon Unfortunately, neither XFCE nor KDE edition don't boot at all (even as LiveUSB)

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