Manjaro-i3 18.1.0 ISO has been released

I am happy to announce the availability of Manjaro-i3 18.1.0.

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minimal version

This comes with i3-gaps 4.17.1, linux 5.2.14-2 and of course all the usual tried and tested quirks and features of the Manjaro-i3 edition.
Additionally to pamac now also bauh is included (full version only) to manage snaps and flatpaks. Office suite installation is handled with the new office-chooser in calamares.
Apart from that I didn't see the need to change anything for the desktop itself, just let me show off this recently added wallpaper by @Lunix , our notorious fountain of artwork ... :wink: Keep them coming, Sir!

! Quick note !
It just turned out that the install_pulse script needed adjustment.
So in case you are going to install pulseaudio with this script, make sure you update your system first to have i3-scripts 20190913-1 installed!


Really good job on this wallpaper! :heartbeat:


Great news, especially when i broke my system with i3blocks configuring :alien:


Cool! Will there be a minimal ISO, too?

It looks like good news.

On the way, sure!


Now online aswell! :slight_smile:


oberon: thanks for all your hard work for us i3-wm + Manjaro afficionados...

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Just installed minimal edition everything looks fine

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Thank you very much for the hard work. I really appreciate it.

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Nice release. Wasn't zsh the default shell before? I wash surprised to see bash.

Nah, that's bspwm. i3 was always still using bash.

I'm very confused. I read everywhere that the Kernel 5.2.14 is available but the screenshot shows 5.2.11 and I only get the option to install 5.2.11.

Thanks again for all the effort put into this! Built from scratch again today... getting the system ready for work on Monday :slight_smile: !

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Thanks so much for the work! Just returning from a short, enforced exile in windows land. Glad to come home to the best manjaro-spin and with the new shiny too!

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me too! i have been away on arch land and about to test a few manjaro spins again.

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Pretty happily installed it on my little HP EliteBook, even though I did not get LUKS encryption to work, probably because I do not know how to fiddle the BIOS accordingly. Maybe this BIOS needs a boot sector and the rest can then be encrypted, or something.

The only things I am missing is the "focused" mode that used to be in the very first Manjaro i3 editions, and rofi that used to be in some subsequent edition. Rofi would be particularly great with an appropriate Manjaro theme. Anyway, my quibble is irrelevant and this edition is both pretty and workable as it is.

Uhmm, what's that? :nerd_face:

It's that kind of thing

Mostly for marking, but I also use it to rename, fetch and delete workspaces, e.g

mode "focused" {
        bindsym r exec i3-input -F 'rename workspace to %s' -P 'Rename workspace: ' ; mode "default"
        bindsym f exec i3-input -F '[workspace=%s] move workspace current' -P 'Fetch workspace: ' ; mode "default"
        bindsym x exec i3-input -F '[workspace=%s] kill' -P 'Kill workspace: ' ; mode "default"

And other such interactive ideas.

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