Manjaro-i3 18.0 (finally) released



Many thanks for your releases! They’re much appreciated.


Really nice release. Well done!


i have tried i3 on sparky and i was impressed
how much memory does it use?


First pic in first post show 479 MB :wink: incl. palemoon.


cool, thanks


deepin 18.o? @oberon


After Christmas, the year is still open :wink:


Thank you for your work!

I have one issue:
After login I get a popup asking to unlock the keychain.
It’s needed to mount luks partitions with the file manager and to access credentials with Owncloud.
How can I automatically unlock the keychain?


i3 is impressive :+1:


I should be able to figure out what is needed to install into a VM but this is surely not user friendly. :grin:
Also to launch Calamares, mod+i did not work. I used dmenu and then launch it by hand.


Give your VM better power!
It dos not satisfy the minimum req… RTFD :wink:


Outstanding and well done! I have this in a VB as my main is ArchLabs i3.
If for whatever reason I should opt to change out, M-i3 will be it!


Hahaha, obviously it needs something. I would think that 2 cpu and 2gb of memory would be plenty of power for i3. I guess it may need more than 15 GB hard drive???


Maybe there is the answer?


Have you looked at my OP??? It is blank, white, no words… I am dense sometimes though so thanks for pointing it out. :smile:


I was having problems with libfprint on the new release of Manjaro i3, after downgrading it’s back to normal.

More info here



i’ve been on manjaro xfce for almost a year, but yesterday i did the switch to manjaro i3. i ended up reinstalling the entire system. you, and the rest of the manjaro team, have done a great job. thank you so much for this.


Always love your work <3

Is anywhere a changelog?


This is merely a rebuild with the latest current stable packages. Haven’t changed anything with the setup and config lately :slight_smile: