Manjaro-i3 18.0 (finally) released



It took a while this time - sorry for that! But here you go, Manjaro-i3 18.0 is now available for

direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent

direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent


Looks amazing as always. Well done!


You never need apologise for the time it takes to build your community ISOs, due to the attention to detail you put in they’re well worth the wait anyhow and could be considered official as far as I’m concerned :metal:


$ echo worth the wait



I see that Manjaro i3 18.0 is already on, maybe you @oberon have the power to also update the page for Manjaro Awesome 18.0 and Manjaro Openbox 18.0 and Manjaro bspwm 17.1.12?


For each Community Edition you mentioned, there is the Maintainer: Name entry right above the Download Link. That means your request is a bit off :slight_smile:

Edit: Please don’t mind me. I was rightfully corrected bellow :joy:


Thanks a lot! Well worth the wait :slight_smile:
Incase anyone wants a quick diff b/w the packages in normal vs minimal ISO, check this link:


Awesome job as always…


Nono @Cubanpit is right! I need to update the Download page urgently!!! :nerd_face:


On my end came as build :slight_smile: I have to change my glasses ASAP!!!
Cheers! :smiley:


Coming from 17.1.12 here, do I need to do something special? It seems I’m on 18.0 already, but are there manual changes I’ll have to do to be in sync with 18.0?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question. I figure that I’m already perfectly updated, but… just in case I’m missing something


@oberon Minor edit in the website required… the link to “forum post” for i3 edition is of the 17.1 release :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops, thank you. Fixed. :blush:


I know it is another OT, but I list two little problems on the download page:

  • Awesome edition and minimal edition download links are wrong
  • Manjaro bspwm is now at 17.1.12, on the download page everything refers to 17.1.7


Thank you. fixed.

I will adjust the remaining updates tomorrow.


Please I need more description about manjaro-i3 18.0


Thanks! - as soon as I saw it released on osdn, this concluded my search for a new flavour.


Just installed the i3-Minimal and boots just fine to login screen, however I dont get the grub menu. I’m not dual-booting so only running Manjaro on dell xps 13. Any suggestions ?


It’s not a bug it’s a feature! It is called smooth-bootup or sometimes silent boot.

Some information about it. It is now part of the normal grub package. grub-quiet was removed.


Oh ok cheers for that, I had no idea it had changed