Manjaro i3 17.0.1



With polybar its possible. With i3bar/status… i dont know.


hope the next version polybar will replace the statusbar


Hi Bhaka
I’m using i3blocks for statusbar and I can assure You it’s possible and it works :slight_smile:

Here is an example on shutdown/reboot button that i’m using, because my wife don’t like all the keybord shortcuts ;p In this example on the task bar will be shown text: “< S | R >”.

command=echo "< S "; [[ -z “${BLOCK_BUTTON}” ]] || exec terminal -e “shutdown now”

command=echo " R >"; [[ -z “${BLOCK_BUTTON}” ]] || exec terminal -e “reboot”

As You can probably see both “< S " and " R >” are clickable txt areas, when U click on the < S you will shutdown the computer while clicking on the R > will reboot.
You can adjust it as much as U like.

Hope it helps.
Best regards

Manjaro-i3 17.0.2

Great job on the i3 edition :grin: I haven’t had a reason to change anything!


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