Manjaro i3 16.10

I am happy to announce the availability of manjaro-i3 16.10:


  • Kernel 4.4.28 (LTS)
  • i3-wm 4.12 including optional gaps and sticky windows
  • Urxvt-daemon for optimum terminal performance
  • dmenu-manjaro (recency and terminal aware, mouse interactive and other goodies)
    with designated config file .dmenurc
  • categorized menu morc_menu
  • i3status-manjaro, now with automatic battery recognition
  • arandr for screen and multihead settings
  • Manjaro-welcome and Manjaro-Settings-Manager
  • Installer Calamares 2.4.3
  • script for post-installation (and removal) of Pulseaudio and Pa-applet
  • file manager Pcmanfm
  • optimized terminal Urxvt
  • Palemoon browser
  • compositing with Compton
  • texteditors Nano and Mousepad
  • picture viewer/editor Gpicview and Gimp
  • pdf-reader epdfview
  • custom screenshooter i3-scrot preconfigured
  • wallpaper changer Nitrogen
  • VLC media-player
  • Hexchat
  • commandline / CLI applications vim, Ranger, Moc, Bmenu, Pacli, dfc, ncdu, speedtest-cli
  • Power-Manager, Clipit clipboard, Networkmanager, Volumeicon
  • i3lock with blurscreen and LightDM-gtk-greeter
  • Lxappearance
  • Manjaro-Printer (CUPS)
  • Simple-Scan
  • AUR access with Yaourt/base-devel

Have a look at the help-file (mod+Shift+h) for the list of keyboard-shortcuts and bash-aliases!


Congrats mate.


Torrent created and uploaded!


Thank you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi. I’ve just tried i3 iso live media. It is quite nice, as I expected. And I have a couple of observations. I have a laptop with external monitor plugged in. Both screens were detected, but wallpaper was missing and conky was in black rectangles. Probably some script would be helpfull to configure dual monitor and delay nitrogen and conky.

Something like this (modified)

@oberon Awesome. Thanks for the great work!
Question: what is your take on a Sway based ISO?

BTW did anyone figured out how to run this i3-iso in VirtualBox on i3 in a sane way? I’ve tried a couple of strategies, but the window keeps jumping back to an incredible small area in the top left corner (floating in host) or is completely transparant (floating in host -> vbox full-screen mode). Thanks!

I simply use fullscreen mode (switch with host key + F after virtual machine has started)
To avoid transparency you can either just switch off compton (Mod+t by default) or set an opacity rule in your compton.conf:
opacity-rule = ["99:class_g = 'VirtualBox'"];

Wow! This is an awesome Manjaro flavor using i3! For me its the perfect development OS. I have everything I need installed both on my desktop and laptop. This should be a developers first choice as well as administrators and power users.

Keep up the excellence!


In the last few releases I’ve found VirtualBox likes to be set up with a screen size that is some of its standard recommended sizes, and if you choose something oddball (such as dragging it to some unusual size) you get that tiny screen punishment when you resume a saved-state machine.

It is claimed on the VirtualBox forums that this is a regression in 5.0.4 that persists right through 5.0.12. IDK.

Some people have luck with the Automatic screen size setting. That’s been hit or miss for me.

You want to also give it all the graphic ram it wants or some sizes are simply unavailable.


Thank you, @Nasheayah :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it!

congrats, can’t wait to try it out!

@oberon & @jsamyth thanks!

Some people have luck with the Automatic screen size setting. That’s been hit or miss for me.

This was the problem! Switching automatic screen sizing off and setting 1024x768 did it for me. I never noticed the little checkmark next to ‘Auto resize guest-display’ and wondered why I couldn’t select a preset.

How to solve (for the next person):

  • start up the vm
  • right-click the little monitor-icon in the status bar
  • deselect ‘Auto resize guest-display’
  • select a preset under ‘Virtual screen-size’

Upgrading immediately!

ISOs have just been updated to 16.10.3 !

Download Manjaro-i3 16.10.3


Yes, there’s a thread here: VirtualBox 5.1: problem with tiny windows (resizing)

The only thing that works for me is disabling auto resize and selecting a preset as @sender pointed out.
It’s indepedent of the guest - some work better than others, but the problem is always the same.
(tested: Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.11, Windows 7, Kubuntu and Manjaro).

Is there a good way to install this over a kde manjaro install?


Hi. You can read about it in this thread

If you want to install all the packages from i3 iso, you can find package list on the iso.

Hi how i can change the custom font in system. Cous in high resolution 1440+ i cant use browser, its to hard for my eyes. Or how i can up font quality. Thx

I use 1440p + i3 too.
Use either lxappearance-gtk3 (for GTK3) or qt5ct (for Qt5) to change font size.
You might also want to edit DPI, for example in ~/.Xresources by setting parameter Xft.dpi to your likings.