Manjaro-i3 16.08



Manjaro i3 16.08 ISOs are now available from

latest changes:

  • improved handling of mousecursor theme
  • improved config of morc_menu
  • improved handling of workspace names
  • included transmission-gtk


  • Kernel 4.4.19 (LTS)
  • i3-wm 4.12 including optional gaps and sticky windows
  • Urxvt-daemon for optimum terminal performance
  • dmenu-manjaro (recency and terminal aware, mouse interactive and other goodies)
    with designated config file .dmenurc
  • i3status-manjaro, now with automatic battery recognition
  • arandr for screen and multihead settings
  • Manjaro-welcome and Manjaro-Settings-Manager
  • Installers Calamares, and CLI
  • script for post-installation (and removal) of Pulseaudio and Pa-applet
  • file manager Pcmanfm
  • optimized terminal Urxvt
  • Palemoon browser
  • compositing with Compton
  • texteditors Nano and Mousepad
  • picture viewer/editor Gpicview and Gimp
  • pdf-reader epdfview
  • custom screenshooter i3-scrot preconfigured
  • wallpaper changer Nitrogen
  • VLC media-player
  • Hexchat
  • commandline / CLI applications vim, Ranger, Moc, Bmenu, Pacli, dfc, ncdu, speedtest-cli
  • Power-Manager, Clipit clipboard, Networkmanager, Volumeicon
  • i3lock with blurscreen and LightDM-gtk-greeter
  • Lxappearance
  • Manjaro-Printer (CUPS)
  • Simple-Scan
  • AUR access with Yaourt/base-devel

Have a look at the help-file (mod+Shift+h) for the list of keyboard-shortcuts and bash-aliases!

What are the gnome deepin etc?

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Oops! Sorry, thank you. Fixed now.


thank you. Love your spin and i3. Keep up the good work


Nice work, I am very happy with Manjaro i3 flavour. But how to enable touchpad tapping on startup?
Previous version was also without tapping and I enabled myself tapping after every startup.
Luckily there was no much restarts as Manjaro is very stable :smiley:


@oberon wow awesome looking desktop…
Can you please share your wallpaper and conky


@rinav if you simply install conky-i3 and artwork-i3 you have it and more :slight_smile:


Hello. Thank you, Oberon, for this wonderful edition. For my opinion, Manjaro i3 must be a a official edition, like a XFCE and KDE, not a community edition :slight_smile:


I second that.


It should be an official release, cause its bugfree, technical over the top, ultra fast, looking awesome and i love the Manjaro i3 Logo. :smiley:


Anyone have any easy (like I’m 5) tutorial how to use i3 handy by any chance? :slight_smile:

I’ve run it off the USB and I didn’t even know how to open Palemoon browser. There are few shortcuts on the desktop, great idea, with the help of those shortcuts I opened two menus I expected some application list but didn’t find any. There was browser entry, I started it, got text version of browser (I think) I typed in and got some text version of distrowatch web page. I think.

Anyway I have one old slow laptop that I’m thinking to put i3 on it and play with it…


This might help?


Thank you!!! It does help a little bit if you know how to use or do something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looks like I made a mistake though. Watching video I think I was in that menu but looks like I didn’t see Pale Moon. And I didn’t have much time for exploring. Anyway, that video will help big time. I’m going to install i3 now. There were way to many people saying how happy they are with Manjaro i3 for me to just ignore it. Even that I never ever used anything else but mouse. :grinning:

And I agree with the guy, this is the only distro (that I have seen and try, which was not that many, but anyway) that you don’t want to switch the default back ground!


Look in the i3config. There are the key bindings. You can see there, which key combi you can use, Palemoon - mod+F2, Pcmanfm - mod+F3, Terminal - mod+enter etc. Also you can configure your own bindings there. mod = super key(super key=Windows button).


Hello. Have a look at the help-file (mod+Shift+h) for the list of keyboard-shortcuts. Also, here video, introducing i3wm


Thank you, I’m playing with it now, really interesting and something completely different :slight_smile:


I’m watching videos now, he really explains everything I need to know. My first try I was lost, I got to some kind of menu, got e-links loaded thinking it was a browser… and I didn’t understand what the whole point of i3 is.

Now it makes sense and I decided to keep it on one, testing machine and let’s see where I go from here. These videos really helped a lot.

The reason I asked here for good tutorial instead searching for one, I though it need to be Manjaro related I though this i3 is specifically designed for Manjaro and I wanted to be sure I will be looking at proper info. I was clueless.

Now I have all info I need. And then some! Thank you all for help and sharing :slight_smile:


It is a browser, just not in the way that most people expect. If the pages you want to visit only have useful information in text it is fine and very lightweight.


I see, thank you


I3 is really very interesting. I have one very old laptop from XP times, with AMD Turion CPU, 1GB RAM and I’m surprised how well Manjaro i3 works on it. Also I renamed workspaces (now that’s cool, now I always know where is what… ) and I’m learning how to use i3 and I need to admit it I like it.

I was telling my wife about using OS mostly without mouse and you should see the look on her face when she asked: “And why would you want to do this?!?” :grin: