Manjaro-i3 16.06 rc [stable]

Here comes the release candidate for the i3 community edition, based on stable branch

latest changes:

  • new official gtk-theme Vertex-Maia
  • new icon-themes Breeze-Maia
  • includes stable update 2016-05-29


  • Kernel 4.4.9 (LTS)
  • i3-wm 4.12 including optional gaps and sticky windows
  • Urxvt-daemon for optimum terminal performance
  • dmenu-manjaro (recency and terminal aware, mouse interactive and other goodies)
    with designated config file .dmenurc
  • i3status-manjaro
  • arandr for screen and multihead settings
  • Manjaro-welcome and Manjaro-Settings-Manager
  • Installers Calamares, Thus and CLI
  • script for post-installation (and removal) of Pulseaudio and Pa-applet
  • Pcmanfm
  • optimized terminal Urxvt
  • Palemoon browser
  • compositing with Compton
  • texteditors Nano and Mousepad
  • picture viewer/editor Gpicview and Gimp
  • custom screenshooter i3-scrot preconfigured
  • wallpaper changer Nitrogen
  • VLC media-player
  • Hexchat
  • commandline / CLI applications Ranger, Moc, Bmenu, Pacli, dfc, ncdu, speedtest-cli
  • Power-Manager, Clipit clipboard, Networkmanager, Volumeicon
  • i3lock with blurscreen and LightDM-gtk-greeter
  • Lxappearance
  • Manjaro-Printer (CUPS)
  • Simple-Scan
  • Yaourt/base-devel



Sweet baby jesus scripted pulseaudio removal… Will this work in any other variants? I had it removed in KDE, but it’s acting pretty hardwired into Cinnamon. It might actually make me ditch Cinnamon.

No, sorry, not at all. This only works in exactly the manjaro-i3 environment. I haven’t tried to remove pulse from Cinnamon… In i3 it’s not a problem to simply un-install manjaro-pulse an friends and just adjust the config… :wink:

This looks great! Will I be updated to this new version automatically, or do I need to switch manually?
(I’m currently using Manjaro 15.12 Capella)

Mostly with just update. You just need to install and enable the new themes manually. I think.

Great, thanks.

Yes, that should mostly do it. The themes used are Vertex-Maia-Dark (gtk) and Breeze-Maia-Dark (icons) :slight_smile:
The changes in .Xresources, .i3/config and in the statusbar config you will have to copy over manually I’m afraid… Maybe I’m forgetting something else, too.
Just try updating and let me know if something doesn’t look right, yet… :wink:

You can see the latest state of the config here
Or if you have the latest manjaro-i3-settings package installed you will find all that in your /etc/skel directory and can copy it from there.
If you’re using a custom .i3status.conf you can find the new default in /etc/i3status.conf - if not, the new default will be applied automatically …

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Thanks for all the help. Will let you know when I get it set up!

Before I state my issue, I just wast to say that this edition looks beautiful.

Trying to install openbox packages on top of an updated i3 edition, gives the following error:
Conflicting files:
manjaro-openbox-settings: /etc/skel/.gtkrc-2.0 already exists in filesystem
manjaro-openbox-settings: /etc/skel/.xinitrc already exists in filesystem

This error prevents the package installation.

If I rename the files and install openbox, the error returns later when trying to install the zen theme from AUR:

manjaro-openbox-settings: /etc/skel/.gtkrc-2.0 already exists in filesystem
manjaro-openbox-settings: /etc/skel/.initrc already exists in filesystem

This error is displayed after the package was built and installed.

Hello, First of all thanks for this i3 version it’s great.

Just one issue , can we configure window sizes? using mouse but it’s not changing anything. if i have to change aything in config file to have dynamic windows so, that size can be changed.

Your i3 installation is apparently from pre-settings-package times :smiley: In that case you will have to remove your /etc/skel folder before you install any of the settings packages. Then you should not have any file conflicts like that.

Window size can be changed with Super-key + right mouse-button :slight_smile:


Or completly with keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Super-key + R (enter the resize mode)
  2. arrow keys (for resizing the active window)
  3. ESC (quit the resize mode)

Keyboard+shortcuts = :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by “from pre-settings-package times”.
I downloaded it about a day and half ago from here, and it’s the latest I can see.

I don’t mind if I need to manually delete /etc/skel for the RC version, as long as this will fixed for the actual release.

Another question: if I do delete /etc/skel folder before installing the Openbox packages, will I still have the errors when getting the themes from AUR? (the 2nd part of my post)

I see now where the problem is: The manjaro-openbox-settings package should officially conflict with all other settings-packages, so pacman should ask you during installation if you would like to remove manjaro-i3-settings and you would have to confirm that.
This is actually a bug in the openbox settings package. We’ll have to fix that.
Just, very likely the package manjaro-openbox-settings will disappear altogether, because it has not been maintained for quite a long time now - let’s see!

I think openbox packages should be maintained even if there is no more an official edition.

I, and maybe others, came to Manjaro initially because it offered the openbox edition.

Now, not only I can’t install a fresh copy, but you (team, that it) think on removing parts instead of fixing problems?

I hope this will not be the case.

First of all congrats on a fantastic edition. I’m having a sound card issue though as in I have no sound what so ever. Please let me know what information that is needed from me to help to solve this. My sound card works on all other versions of Manjaro that I have tried. They r as follows Deepin, KDE, XFCE, and Cinnamon. Thank you

It might be that on i3 no pulseaudio is installed and on all the others there is. I would check this guess and try installing pulseaudio, maybe reading the Arch Wiki about it before.

That would be my suggestion, too. On the i3-edition you can simply run install_pulse to do that and reboot.

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