Manjaro-i3 16.06 / 16.06.1



The i3 Community edition 16.06 is online

latest changes:

  • new official gtk-theme Vertex-Maia
  • new icon-themes Breeze-Maia
  • added categorized menu morc_menu


  • Kernel 4.4.12 (LTS)
  • i3-wm 4.12 including optional gaps and sticky windows
  • Urxvt-daemon for optimum terminal performance
  • dmenu-manjaro (recency and terminal aware, mouse interactive and other goodies)
    with designated config file .dmenurc
  • i3status-manjaro
  • arandr for screen and multihead settings
  • Manjaro-welcome and Manjaro-Settings-Manager
  • Installers Calamares, Thus and CLI
  • script for post-installation (and removal) of Pulseaudio and Pa-applet
  • Pcmanfm
  • optimized terminal Urxvt
  • Palemoon browser
  • compositing with Compton
  • texteditors Nano and Mousepad
  • picture viewer/editor Gpicview and Gimp
  • epdfview
  • custom screenshooter i3-scrot preconfigured
  • wallpaper changer Nitrogen
  • VLC media-player
  • Hexchat
  • commandline / CLI applications Ranger, Moc, Bmenu, Pacli, dfc, ncdu, speedtest-cli
  • Power-Manager, Clipit clipboard, Networkmanager, Volumeicon
  • i3lock with blurscreen and LightDM-gtk-greeter
  • Lxappearance
  • Manjaro-Printer (CUPS)
  • Simple-Scan
  • Yaourt/base-devel


signed with gpg key ID 663CA268 “Bernhard Landauer, oberon at manjaro dot org”

[SOLVED] How can I change green color in terminal to custom color?

Updated ISOs 16.06.1 are online: