Manjaro-Hotfix Update

Got an update today for this file. From what I found here Pacman reports missing files this is just an old dummy file, that I forgot to remove during some update. So I removed it and so far no negative effect. I just want to confirm it’s not needed and for anyone else who got the update and was wondering.

Was already mentioned in same topic yesterday.

Did you search the forum before posting? This has been asked 3 times since the stable update a few days ago.

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I get new posts everyday, I don’t read them all just scan the titles, and yes I searched that’s how I found the link from earlier.


  echo ""
  echo "manjaro-hotfixes is obsolete, please remove:"
  echo ""
  echo "pamac remove manjaro-hotfixes"
  echo ""

not enough or clear for you?

It doesn’t seem odd to you all that an obsolete file is updated? Come on, show some empathy for an old guy.

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It was the update that made it an obsolete package.

As @NGr pointed out, the update is an empty aka dummy package. The only reason it exists is to let you know to remove it, since packages can’t be forced to be removed.
Alternative option would be to just remove it from the repo and make an announcement in stable update announcements, but then 90% wouldn’t know about it. (Would probably be better since there appears to be a polkit rule in the package that some people need. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Why? I don’t even know why it existed to begin with.

Please create a new Feedback topic to discuss if anyone would like to provide constructive feedback regarding this.

Probably for the same reason as 100 other things that makes Manjaro supposedly “easier” or whatever, eg. you don’t need sudo to reboot from ssh (only seen on Manjaro).

Thats really rude. I want to add that Manjaro-Hotfixes are also not listed under Orphans…


Why would it be? It was explicitly installed.

Hmm good question :slight_smile:

Anyways, i was thinking it would be a good and additional indication for newbs, that this file has green light to remove it.

Atleast it was pre-installed in my System.

Dude… do you need an essay written about it? Also, it’s a package not a file. EMPTY – there are no files. How many times does this need to be repeated? Stop trolling.

Touch some grass dude and calm down. And btw. i don’t started this Topic, i just showing some empathy for new or unexperienced Linux users.

Maybe you can’t remember when you did your first steps in Linux (or PC’s in General)… or did you was born as a Veteran? I don’t think so.

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