"Manjaro Hello" does not start after Update

For a newbie, it was definitively a nice start (pretty much like the “Software mode” in pamac). A few Apps sorted by categories, for someone coming from windows who does not know the linux apps, was nice. We just had a topic how Sumatra PDF is named in linux (Evince/Okular :slight_smile: ).

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I’m not sure I would consider that thread/op as a good litmus test …
Besides … I begrudgingly mentioned its ‘niceness for a few’ … the point was that its not a necessity by any stretch of the imagination.
The information provided (ex: its a linux browser that looks like this) in better formats with more verbosity is only a web search away.
(woe befall me who holds the belief that indeed people can manage to learn new information and make their own decisions … if only they tried)

Or … to take your argument to its logical conclusion …
We see a good number of posts by random new people who ask ‘why does this command I saw on this youtube video not work?’

sudo apt-get install chrome-browser

So I guess the only rational response is … we must introduce apt-get into manjaro! :slight_smile:

alias apt-get=“pamac”

Done :white_check_mark: :wink:

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Ewwwww Chrome

But thank you for more clarification.

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