Manjaro hangs at mhwd command

Hello everyone!

I bought a new laptop, featuring a GeForce MX 150, and when I boot manjaro Xfce from USB, the system fully hangs at [OK] Started TLP system startup/shutdown.

Using the manjaro gnome iso, I can boot the live system’s GUI and start the installation - if I use only the free driver. But when it comes to “configuring hardware”, the machine freezes again. Also, I can trigger this behaviour manually by calling mhwd from the command line.

I already found some people in this forum who had this issue too - but in march. Which suggests that it was solved already. Sadly, none of the solutions applied for me. And, too bad for me, I am too stupid for an all-commandline-installation (especially since I definitely want to encrypt at least my home partition, my last laptop has been stolen from me already). And yes, I already went through manjaro Architect: When I check the prompt “auto install free drivers” just before the very end, the laptop freezes, too. :sob:

So, my question is: Is there any way to install manjaro (preferably gnome flavoured) without triggering mhwd or some other way around my problem, like forcing the use of the free drivers?

Which installer versions have you tried?

e.g. have you tried 17.1.1 and 17.0.6 to compare?

I tried the latest and also the currently available release candidate.

Due to my suspicion pointing towards the relatively young age of my graphics card, I did not try older releases. Do you think 17.0.6 could improve anything 17.1.1 could not do?

There have been some reports of graphics-related issues booting the 17.1.* series installers - I’d like to narrow it down if possible (and if you have the spare time/bandwidth).

Try not installing any graphics driver. So Xorg will use the default settings, modesetting I think .

If the issue is the same as the one I’ve just found, you should be able to switch to a text console (CTRL-ALT-F2), log in (manjaro/manjaro), then

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/xorg/modules/dri /usr/lib/dri
sudo systemctl restart gdm

I think GDM is used by the GNOME edition? If it’s not, replace gdm above with the correct DM (lightdm, sddm, …).


@jonathon Once the boot/install process i stuck, I can not log into any console anymore, because the system does not respond any more at all. So do you suggest doing so before starting the installation from the live medium?

In the meantime, I installed Antergos and everything worked out of the box - yet I was not able to start the X-server with installed proprietary Nvidia-drivers (where I did not put much effort in configuration though, so this could be my fault).
I think I’ll create a playground-partition once I find the time and check out a 17.0.* version.

Yes; when the boot hangs at the message you wrote in your first post, try the steps above.

Otherwise the 17.0.6 image is worth a go.

thanks, works for me, also two cards, can confirm that 17.06 has no problem with this issue

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