manjaro guest additions problem

I've installed virtualboxa manjaro but couldn't figure out some kind of guest additions. "sudo pacman -S virtualbox-guest-utils" I'm trying with this command 4.19 linux kernel I'm choosing to be installed but not full screen.

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What issue are you having with that command?

command have 1-11 i choose 4 because my kernel 4.19. Install complate but not be fullscreen

If you're running Manjaro as a guest OS and have installed linux419-virtualbox-guest-modules then you will need to update all packages and then reboot.

Please also be aware that when asking for help you need to be as specific as possible to avoid making people guess what the problem might be.

Yes i install and reboot but still same, not be fullscreen

i install 750mb update but same problem

On the Host machine:


Display settings


On the Guest install


Do not install the Guest Utils from the ISO tho.
Make sure you user is in vboxusers group.

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install all but same, not be full screen

I don't see the linuxXXX-virtualbox-host-module for your running kernel on your host machine. I can only presume you had it installed and rebooted your system.

my linux kernel 4.19

Then make sure you have
sudo pacman -S linux419-virtualbox-host-modules


If the Manjaro guest display is not automatically resizing make sure your virtual display adapter is VBoxVGA and mhwd is using video-virtualbox.


Thanks I solved my problem thanks to u

@sueridgepipe, this was my problem, although I had to recreate the entire VM from scratch and set VBoxVGA before even installing manjaro (cinnamon) on the VM, otherwise my VM started with just a black screen. Maybe that can help someone else...

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