Manjaro green in i3 terminal has become gray



Hi together. Since my last fresh install of i3 the nice manjaro green in the urxvt-terminal is gone and I don’t get it back. Has anybody the same problem or an idea getting it back? Always I get gray when I expect green. For example when using the funapp cmatrix or screenfetch.


assuming you use urxvt or another terminal that uses the colours from .Xresources
Have a look in your .Xresources files to see what the colourcode is for green color2 and color10
My guess is that they’ve changed to grey. Changing these to the Manjaro/maia green colours should fix this.


Does anyone have the original color numbers? I didn’t change anything. These settings are in the extend.Xresources.


Check if the colors in .Xresources are the same, if not google the values to see what colors it are. If those are the correct colors, just copy and replace the colors in extend.Xresources


I encountered the same problem - Manjaro logo is grey instead of green when I call screenfetch.
Is it expected in the fresh i3 Manjaro installation?


…it never was green for me in the first place - always has been grey.


I discovered it is terminal related.
For instance gnome-terminal displays manjaro logo in a green colour both for screenfetch and neofetch.