Manjaro GPU driver

Hello my Manjaro brothers, I need your help.

I want to switch so bad on Manjaro, but the problem is, when I play a video on Youtube in 4k, video is smooth but when I play it on Manjaro on 4k, video start to stutter. Does anyone knows how can I fix that so I can move finally to Manjaro?

Sudo apt plshelpme

I’m using Manjaro KDE Plasma 20.1.2.

On my laptop I have integrated Intel Graphic 620 and dedicated AMD Radeon 530
I’m using Chrome as my main browser

I’m confused.
If you havent switched to manjaro, how did you get your results?
In the first youtube example is it not on manjaro?
Or do you mean playing local files versus in the browser?

We dont use apt here :wink:


Maybe he is using live Kde from usb

I try it via USB (Manjaro KDE Plasma), and on Youtube video, not local from my PC.