Manjaro Gnome works only with a new user

Hello all!
I updated my system about a month ago and after that, Gnome stopped working. I continued using my computer with Cinnamon, but I really would like to recover my Gnome.

Today I discovered that Gnome works well with a new user I created but not with the mine (in which I have all my documents).

I copied all the home from my user to the new user and it stopped to work, so I guess there’s something in the (hidden?) folders of my user that prevents Gnome to work, but I couldn’t discover what.

So, ideally I would want to know which file or folder in the new user are making the difference, to just copy it/them to my original home.

Thanks a lot for any tip and I’m sorry if this is a silly question.


This does not surprise me as you copy the reason of your issue to the new user which is obviously in the settings of the old user. Why did you not copy the documents you want to keep to the new user? Create a new user, check if it’s working and copy your documents but not your settings to the newly created user.

The usual reason for Gnome to stop working after update is an extension which needs update too.

When I used Gnome years ago I learned to disable all extensions before updating - reboot - then enabling extensions one-by-one - tedious task - and frustrating when you forget …