Manjaro Gnome turns to light theme daily at 6:00am

With my install being only official Manjaro/Arch packages, I primarily use my desktop for Qemu/Libvirt type packages. I’ve not changed anything fancy from the defaults, nor installed anything that would conflict.

Whether my PC is asleep or I’m using it, the theme turns from dark to light at 6:00 am every day. This problem arose about 2 months ago with a 500-ish package update which upgraded Gnome and many supporting libraries and whatnot. Everything was fine before the update. But the next day, even the terminals turn white. AHHHH!

I’ve gone into every setting I could find, as well as dconf looking for anything that could be doing this. But I’m more of a text only server Linux guy for getting under the cover. My Google Fu is even failing me trying to find the problem for this. Where and what could be doing this?

Sounds like you have the Night Theme Switcher GNOME Shell Extension enabled. Open the Extensions application and either change the settings or disable it.

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Yes! I’m sure that’s it. Thank you so much.

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