Manjaro Gnome supports AMD R5500 XT but Manjaro/Arch Xfce or KDE give black screen issue?

Hi, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, but I wondered if a Manjaro guru knew off the top of their head the answer to my question.
Why does Manjaro Gnome run the AMD R5500 XT card fine from install without any messing around but the same (latest) version of Manjaro with Xfce and KDE will not use the card without editing and creating system files. Xfce and KDE give black screen at boot issues every time I try.
I also tried Arch with KDE - got the same problem. Even Linux Mint commits graphical hari-kari with the AMD card.
Any ideas? - does Gnome utilise the graphics drivers in a different way?
I’ve been messing around for several very unproductive days trying to get a clean install of Manjaro Xfce with the AMD r5500 XT graphics card. I thought I fixed it a couple of times using various tutorials and tips on the web. I now have a clean Manjaro Gnome system running (I really wanted Xfce but that was not to be).

Cheers and stay well.

Just on the top of my head:

Probably there is an error or something with a default configuration / package / file that conflicts with your GPU.

If you can go to tty and pull the journalctl, you can see what is causing the issue.

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